Best New Field Hockey Brands

Best New Field Hockey Brands

While we all know and love the big brands in Field Hockey like Grays, Adidas, STX, etc. There are some great up-and-coming players coming into the Field Hockey market, offering quality alternatives. We’ve interviewed the founders of some of the best new Field Hockey Brands.

Our picks for the Best New up and coming Field Hockey Brands

Established in 2019, Dragon Hockey is one of the most exciting new Brands in Field Hockey. Based in the United Kingdom, founder Andrew McNamee is determined to create a company that revolutionizes the Field Hockey market. 

For a new Brand, their stick range is impressive. With some great entry-level sticks (on sale for less than £40!) constructed with 20% carbon, through to the top of the range Phoenix XLB 100 for £325 (less the exclusive Hockey Hooked 20% discount!). 

Expanding beyond just Hockey Sticks, Dragon Hockey has every facet of the sport covered. With some pretty cool bags, shinpads and gloves all featuring the Dragon branding, so you can have all the top kit. Just be aware, you may get mistaken for a Pro!

What I like the most about Dragon Hockey – they are so confident in their sticks, that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Regardless of how you use it, should you not love it within 30 days, send it back for a full refund. Impressive!

With their new Quantum Series range of sticks just released, the future is bright at Dragon Hockey.

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Catalyst Hockey was founded in late 2019 by former English National League player David Measom. Based in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, they released their first sticks in September 2020. 

We have one simple mission at Catalyst Hockey, to do everything we can to expand your potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sports innovations, making our products more sustainable. As well as making our products exceptional in quality and beautiful in design.

David Measom

While there are only two sticks in their collection so far, they are a quality product constructed of 95% Carbon, available in a Low or a Mid bow. There’s a great review of their LX1 stick here.

Catalyst Hockey have a new range being launched very soon which will further increase their focus on sustainable products via offsetting their carbon footprint and using recyclable packaging. They also provides both coach and player kits which look great and are proving to be very popular.

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Rival Hockey was founded in 2020 by George McCormick, a passionate hockey player from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Born out of frustration when trying to find a hockey stick that suited his needs, George founded Rival Hockey. Determined to create sticks that make you a better player, Rival has done their research.

Imagine a wouldn't buy one that feels far too big, or far too tight. So why would you buy a hockey stick that doesn't feel right? Our sticks are designed to fit you like a glove, by catering to your deepest hockey needs as a player.

George McCormick

While they have quite a small range of Field Hockey Sticks, for now, they have a bright future built on quality rather than quantity. I particularly like their stick quiz, which makes selecting the right stick a breeze. 

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The Y1 Hockey brand has had quite an interesting path to success. Founders Chris and Tom launched the brand in 2015 after some success on the TV show Dragons Den. 

Expanding into teamwear in 2019, Y1 has grown into a Field Hockey brand with a worldwide presence. 

Don’t miss their stick quiz, it’s superb! Created as an interactive video, you feel like you are actually chatting to the Pro’s as you make your way through the quiz. It certainly makes it easier to find the stick that will work best for you.

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The Ritual Hockey Field Hockey brand was founded by Nathaniel Nelson, a self-confessed gear freak. After graduating from university with a science degree, he followed his passion for hockey equipment and worked in management, retail design, and development for several leading Hockey brands. Nat has dedicated his professional life to the sport we all love: Hockey!

Designed in Australia, crafted from materials sourced from Japan and The Netherlands, Ritual makes some quality products. Highlighted by their long list of sponsored international players such as Steph Kershaw of Australia, Zach Wallace of England, and Katie Doar from New Zealand.

Ritual are not the new kids on the block, they have grown their range into quite a considerable collection. With the top-of-the-range Field Hockey Sticks built with 100% Carbon.

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So which stick brand do i choose?

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to some other options in the Field Hockey Stick market, how do you choose which one to go for? By far the best way is by trying each stick on the field. However, that’s not always possible. 

So failing that, ask around at your clubs, and take a read of some of the detailed reviews we’ve done here –