Grays G600 Field Hockey Goalie Helmet

The Grays Goalkeeper range has been built around the needs and advice of world, FIH Goalkeeper of the Year and Olympic Gold medalist, Maddie Hinch.  Named the shootout stick with Maddie Hinch’s heroic 4 goal shut out at the Rio Olympics in mind, the specialized field hockey stick is a key part of Grays new top-quality goalie equipment.

Maddie has won FIH goalie of the year 3 times so she knows what she’s talking about. Grays have listened, and worked well with her to produce a stunning collection of goalie gear.

At the length of 41.3″ the goalie’s stick is the maximum length allowed by the FIH, ideally suited for excellent reach. I particularly like the octagonal handle which Grays says gives increased ‘torsional’ stability. In layperson’s speak, this is a better way of gripping and then speedily twisting the stick.

Published in 1991, the updated rules of hockey allow for a hockey stick to have only one curve on either side of the stick. The stick handle may be bent or ‘deviated’, in a smooth curve, once only to either side. This allows designers to have created the MH1 hockey stick with a bend on the heel and on the toe providing a larger surface area to block shots. While it makes for a peculiar-looking design, it is excellent at blocking shots.

You could say the MH1 Shootout stands out like a hunting beagle among a pack of golden retrievers with its specially designed head shape. The advantage is clear to see though, and even clearer when you don the gloves and handle the MH1 yourself.

If you’re thinking this hook shape is going to give the goalie who bestows this stick on match day a distinct advantage, you’re probably right. I haven’t seen another goalie stick with an armory like the hook on the MH1. With a light and strong feel, you’d be able to could keep bullets out of the net! However, they are getting harder to find nowadays, so keep your eye out for one.

Another great option is the Grays MH1 GK5000 Field Hockey Stick. Available in either 36.5″ or 37.5″ this stick is quite a bit cheaper than the Shootout. Shaped more like a conventional stick, with an ultra-high balance point to increase agility. The reinforced mid-section improves strength and durability, providing the strength required to intercept the fastest of shots at goal.

The G600 Helmet once more was designed in liaison with Madie Hinch. They don’t come cheap, but safety is important when choosing your goalie helmet and you have to pay more to be completely secure. Inside there is an injected molded shell with an adjustable strap. The G600 protects the face, skull, and ears while providing great visibility.

Grays MH1 body armour is lightweight, yet is tight and comfortable.

Shoulder and bicep protection offers full protection from the wrist upward, while the foam and plastic outer was designed with anti vibrations in mind. The fit is snug but allows the goalie to move with great flexibility and fits well under the shirt.

These Grays G100 Protection Shorts offer great protection on both sides of the thighs to protect goalies from stinging balls and swinging sticks. Laced and clipped in the front, they will make you feel tight and secure to bring the confidence you need to play in the goals. 

Now that you have some ideas of what gear to use, have a read of our 6 tips to make you a better Field Hockey Goalie.

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