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Best Field Hockey Nets | Club and Training Nets [Updated 2021]

The best field hockey nets must be robust, with the correct measurements set out by the Federation of International Hockey if you are buying for match days. If you require the best hockey nets for practicing, look for a lightweight design, that’s easily portable.

Official Size

The correct size of field hockey nets for official pitches is 12′ x 7′ or in meters: 3.7m (W) x 2.1m (H) x 1.2m (D).

Practice with Hockey nets

When you want to improve your field hockey shooting ability, shooting on goal is the best way to practice. Perseverance is key and regular practice on the hockey pitch can raise your skill levels, however, you’ll need the best hockey nets to help you. Buying hockey nets suitable for your back garden, or sports field, is a great way to take your practice to the next level.

Becoming an accurate shooter will allow you to seize the few precious opportunities a forward gets in a match to score. Learning to drag flick is a good way to hone your skills and eye for goal, so a practice net can be invaluable.

Every team usually has one main drag-flicker for the corner. Not only must the drag-flicker strike the ball with incredible speed, but the accuracy must also be sharp as a knife. Remember, you have to navigate successfully between a goalie wearing bulky pads, gloves, and slot into a small goal net of 12′ x 7′  which is 3.7m (W) x 2.1m (H) x 1.2m (D)

Full-Sized Weatherproof Aluminum Field Hockey Goal with Puncture Proof Wheels 

One of the best goal nets for your club or college team is the Forza FIH Championship nets: Combining strength, attention to detail, and quality manufacturing, the end result is one of the best professional hockey goals on the market. Offering Elite level performance the Forza has great specifications including noise-reducing panels on the sides and back. Noise-reducing carpet is fitted to the back to allow balls landing to sound like soft thuds instead of loud crashes.

I like that you can have the net style designed in your team’s colors, which include a luminous green, striking blue, and classic black, among others. Highly portable, the Forza has puncture-proof wheels that won’t indent your playing surface. The Forza seems to tick all the boxes and would be a great fit for any club or college needing hockey goals.

If you intend to use the nets at the national level, optional weights will allow you to follow FIH rules to the letter.

There are some cheaper training field hockey nets readily available worldwide. When shopping for Field Hockey practice goals, ensure that the cheaper options come with the entire frame, rather than just the netting. Here are a few options that I have happily trained with.

This net is very easy to put up, affordable, and ideal for field hockey training.

You don’t need any tools to assemble this great hockey practice net. It’s versatile for the whole family, as it can be used for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, cricket, and basketball practice. The backstop is a powerful net designed to protect windows and the next door’s house! According to real reviews, it’s very durable with its tough steel frame, while being easy to assemble. The net comes with a handy sports bag to easily carry it around, plus pegs to spike it down when playing on grass. 

If using on hard surfaces (not grass) you may need some weights to hold it down.

Bownet is the leader in the market for portable Field Hockey Goals. With a variety of products available, you are able to choose the size and budget that works for you. 

A few of their products to consider are – 

Designed to be tough, yet portable they are reasonably lightweight and easy to assemble. The Energy Absorption System allows shocks to be distributed around the frame. Using stakes and BOW poles these nets are sturdy, yet soft enough not to cause any harm in the case of a collision.

Even the largest of their nets can be set up in 120 seconds. Stakes are included for outdoor use while non-marking rubber feet make them usable indoors

The Importance of Training With Hockey nets

It’s not good for your balls to hit them against the wall in the backyard, so it’s best to invest in a portable field hockey net if you’re serious about the sport. Having goals to hit into will keep you motivated to train, while seriously increasing your skills.

When it comes to striking on goal in soccer is not so different. Famous ex England Striker, Gary Lineker once said, “You’ve got to push yourself, certainly in sport,”  He added: “Relish it. It’s an opportunity. I wasn’t obviously outstanding as a young player. There were so many kids that were much better than me… I wasn’t even the best in my own Sunday league team.” But he was dedicated and he worked hard.

French international striker, Thierry Henry said he didn’t start scoring until he started, ‘taking a ball and mannequins out on to the training pitch,’ to practice on goal.

If you have the commitment to succeed you’ll need the props to train, namely a field hockey net. If you can place a mannequin in the net then all the better. Even a tall chair will help.

Practice shooting at the end of a hard, physical training session so you are simulating the tiredness you’ll inevitability feel in a match situation. Choose the left or right goal post and aim to ping the ball just inside it over and over again. Then do the same towards the other post. You’ll find gradually you’ll get a better and better eye for the goal, becoming a more accurate shot.

Try using a flick technique, past the mannequin into the goal. After 30 minutes then try the reverse stick technique. Shooting with more power each time, which will also help you become more confident with your reverse shot. Emulate a match situation, try and get a colleague to practice hitting fast corners towards you, control the ball, and with practice, you’ll notice your drag-flick becoming faster and faster each time. This will provide the skills needed to perform a good and accurate drag flick on goal in a match situation.

Sometimes, when your dribbling toward goals, the speed of the shot does not have to be 100% power. Slower shots can be effective in fooling the goalkeeper.

Remember perseverance is key. Practice and practice again.


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