10 Gift ideas for Field Hockey Players

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Field Hockey Players

Unsurprisingly, the best gifts for field hockey players are gifts related to the sport of field hockey. Perhaps your friend or family member requires field hockey equipment to play the game? If the gift is for someone who is a fan rather than a regular player, a present that reminds them of the sport in a heart-touching or inspirational way may be more appropriate. The third type of gift may be something that benefits the team or a group of fans.

Hockey Gear Gift ideas

The latest Adidas bag is a desirable piece of field hockey equipment. Your loved ones won’t forget you for buying this useful and eye catching, durable bag. A laptop compartment is a great feature and its versatile design is great for those days when you’re not transporting field hockey kit but need it for books. The waterproof base and top fabric is ideal for protecting your kit in damp conditions.

Playing with poor-quality field hockey balls can cause long-term damage to your hockey stick. Built from PVC, these Kookaburra field hockey balls are ideal for practicing your game in the backyard. Don’t expect them to be game quality, but the price reflects that. Available in different colours, be sure to check which colour they are before ordering.

This is a game-changer for some. Not enough room to practice your hitting in the backyard? Or just sick of running to collect the balls? The McHom 12ft x 9ft Sports Barrier Net is the solution.

A unique fold-up design allows you to be up and practicing in minutes. Put it in your garden and practice with the knowledge your windows aren’t at risk (please don’t quote me on that!) Constructed with double netting, standing 12 feet high, it’s a great net to practice shooting strokes on without the need to be always chasing after wayward balls. 

Stakes are provided to peg the net down on grass, but you’ll need to put some weights on it when on hard surfaces. Best of all, it’s not very expensive!

I love these training gems, they’re a great affordable gift for a very small outlay. Split them into a row with intermittent gaps and dribble around them like a pro. Balance a stick between two and practice your jink steal. Comes with a carry handle to keep them all together.

This gift is a must have for the budding or serious field hockey player.

The protection no one seems to talk about. While the FIH is big on recommending shin guards, gum shields, and eye goggles, elbow pads go unmentioned. Imagine falling and skidding on your elbows – not nice to think about, is it? These foam knit pads slip easily onto the elbows and they’re machine washable.

Any field hockey player would welcome this useful piece of kit. An added bonus being they can be used for much more than just field hockey.

Available in many colours, these light weight fabric t-shirts are proving a hit. The cotton polyester blend guarantees ultimate breathability so that you can stay cool and comfortable, even in the harshest of conditions!

Designed to easily transport your hockey gear, even on planes. This cool black bag is padded and waterproof.

It can easily hold 4 sticks, so you can carry your girlfriend’s sticks too. Or she can carry yours! Inside there’s a handy water bottle holder and two large internal compartments for all gear. One of which is ventilated for breathability, so should you be carrying half-time oranges there’ll be good.

The price is actually less than you’d think too. Quite reasonable for a bag that can fit it all.

For the aspiring elite field hockey player, this handy piece of kit will allow your friend or family member a portable option for shooting practice. Not just with hockey balls, but a whole variety of ball sports also.

Doubling as a simple practice net to hit against, with a targeted option to practice those flicks. For the more serious player who has space to train this trainer is a great piece of hockey kit, and surprisingly affordable!

This bag is ideal as a versatile carrying solution which I now can’t live without. A bag for hockey players that holds all your essential kit from cleats to even your spare stick.

While it’s marketed for Lacrosse, this bag easily crosses over into the field hockey market. With plenty of room for all your pads, it’ll keep your shoes zipped up in a separate compartment. Strap up to two hockey sticks on the side and you’re good to go!

Field hockey backpack

Although this choice has traversed the field hockey/ice hockey divide, you can play it without getting cold and in many ways it’s similar. The old fun of swinging a wood stick is there, the challenge of beating the opposition, and the buzz of putting something in the back of a net is there.

I’ve played this for a few hours and it’s great fun. It’ll draw you back for more again and again.

A great game for a man cave, woman cave, or a bedroom if you ask me. 

What to get someone that has everything? How about a sporty Adidas protective phone cover? Check out all of the cool gadgets on The Device Store. They have heaps of great gift ideas, you’ll find something for everyone.

Christmas Ideas For Field Hockey Players

The season for giving is not far off. Supermarkets have been playing carols since November. It’s that one time of the year that many of us become the people we hoped we always would be as a spirit of Christmas makes us kinder and all round better spirited. Then comes the head scratching and soul searching for present ideas as the 25 th slips closer and closer. Budgets are assessed, money to spend per family member is pre planned. Finally by the 25 th parcels are shipped and all you have to do is sit back and wait for your accolades as pink faced relatives, one after the other bestow you with their hearty thanks.

Rewind to the head scratching. Usually, I would stare endlessly, blank faced at a jumping Amazon page on my laptop screen. What does my Mum really want for Christmas? Surely she has it all? What does brother Charley want? Then your mind slips to their hobbies and passions. This is where my following list comes in. I am taking for granted you’re looking at this page because you are a field hockey player or you want to be or your friend is a player.  I digress, at Christmas you’ll want to give the hockey player something special. Here are some tips that may save you some time for other Christmas going on’s like making mince pies or eating them…

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