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Best Field Hockey Shin Guards Reviews | Junior and Adult Sizes

When playing field hockey, it’s important to remain mindful of your protection at all times. Otherwise, you will increase your chances of getting injured. Numerous accessories are available for hockey players to ensure their protection. It is mandatory in most clubs and colleges to wear shin guards while playing. The following shin guards will give you peace of mind on the hockey field.

Should I just wear Soccer shin Guards to play field Hockey?

Don’t opt for soccer guards instead of hockey shin guards, as they protect less surface area from your lower knee to your ankles. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular field hockey shin guards that are available to purchase in the market. Not only will proper shin guards protect your lower legs, but they will also give you confidence in your game.

Size Guide

Nowadays field hockey shin guard manufacturers class shin guards into three sizes: small, medium, and large. They suggest you measure from your ankle bone to the middle of your kneecap. Use a tape measure and take a reading in inches.

  • Small = 13 inches
  • Medium = 15 inches
  • Large = 17 inches

9 of the Best Field Hockey Shin Guards

You can rest assured of your leg and ankle protection while wearing GRAYS G700 Pro Shin guards. That’s because there is a hard outer lining available in these, delivering perfect protection to your ankles at all times.

Since you are getting a good level of protection, you may wear these shin guards and play your game with confidence. The fact they look as if they’ve come from outer space won’t be a major plus but are sure to make your child smile with pride.

There is quite decent ankle protection on the GRAYS G700 Pro Shin guards. The ankle material is designed to prevent abrasions. Along with that, they come with mesh that is effective for keeping your socks in place. This durability and flexibility offered out of these shin guards will help you get the best out of your game. 

Prominent features

  • Hard outer shell
  • Abrasion prevention capabilities
  • Mesh to keep the socks in place

If you are looking forward to purchase high quality shin guards, you should take a look at these options offered by Adidas. In fact, these Shin Guards are made out of high quality thermoplastic. Therefore, you can receive an excellent durability. Being predominantly plastic, you will find it easy to take good care of these shin guards and in return they should age well.

They are designed to deliver utmost protection to you at all times. If you have any doubts in your mind about the protection offered, you may take a look at customer reviews. That’s where you’ll figure out that these are the best shin guards available for anyone to buy. Due to the presence of removable inner pads, you can easily wash the inners, to keep them in perfect condition. Available for adults and juniors, they’re the real deal.

Prominent features

  • 100% TPU design
  • Removable inner lining
  • Provides all round protection

Byte Club Field Hockey shin guards offer an anatomically designed outer shell. Lined with a foam inner, these are quite comfortable to wear. The shin guards are available in all adult sizes and are a decent budget option. Be careful buying these for kids, as the sizes can be on the large side.

A big selling point of these shinguards are the unique ankle protection system. This ankle protection system can deliver decent support and protection needed by the ankles at all times. Even though there is a hard outer shell to provide added protection, you can find a soft lining, which will keep you comfortable on the field.

Prominent features

    • Hard outer shell
    • Soft interior lining
    • Unique ankle protection method
    • Junior sizing with adjustable velcro

If you are looking for shin guards that deliver an ergonomic design, you definitely need to consider the STX Field Hockey Contour Shin guards. They look cool and with their conveniently placed open holes, will keep your legs even cooler. 

These guards can deliver the protection that you wish to receive in top shin guards. They can also shape accordingly to the contours of your leg. Hence, you will appreciate an overall fit that the shin guards can deliver to your legs at any given time on the field.

Moreover, you can expect to receive a lightweight performance out of the shin guards due to advanced fabric. They can deliver effective returns by allowing sweat to dissipate. The fabric dries quickly.

While not the cheapest on the market, they will earn their keep match after match on hot games. Note that these are adult sizes.

Prominent features

  • These shin guards are available for purchase in different colors (reversible colors)
  • They offer a lightweight performance
  • You can find open holes in the shin guards for added ventilation

Grays G600 Shin Guards are a good, cheap shin guard produced by a reputable brand. Constructed with a lightweight polymer shell, they have a prominent central spine which is designed to dissipate any impacts.

The ventilation design in the Grays G600 Shin Guards distributes air from the front and sides of the leg, while the foam inner is a comfortable fit while absorbing any hits. Available in a range of colors and sizes. Be sure to double check the size chart before you purchase!

Prominent features

  • Padded liner
  • Advanced ventilation holes
  • Polymer shell construction
  • Excellent value for money

Byte Club Field Hockey shin guards offer an anatomically designed outer shell. Lined with a foam inner, these are quite comfortable to wear. The shin guards are available in all adult sizes and are a decent budget option. Be careful buying these for kids, as the sizes can be on the large side.

Ventilation holes present in these shin guards are quite prominent. Designed to keep your legs properly ventilated while you get out there and play hockey!

Prominent features

  • Anatomically designed outer shell
  • Hard exterior shell
  • Foam lining to deliver maximum comfort
  • Good value for money

Harrow Probot Shin Guards are very popular among serious hockey players of all ages. That’s because these shin guards are in a position to deliver maximum protection to the players in key areas below the knee. Available for all ages, you can find lots of positive reviews left by satisfied customers, a testament to the quality of this product.

The Harrow Probot Shin Guards are quite a flexible product. You can remove the liner plus the straps and simply throw them in the washing machine to clean with ease. These shin guards are compact on size and higher in price mainly due to the 12 inch removable foam liner. Because of that, they are rock solid, often staying in place even if your socks fall down.

Prominent features

  • Unique design provides added protection
  • Offers a 12-inch foam liner, which is machine washable

GRAYS CranBarry Deluxe Youth Field Hockey Shin Guards are designed to protect younger hockey players. They come with a lightweight design, to provide assistance to such players as well. Any hockey player wearing these useful shin guards can focus more on the game, without having to worry too much about nasty hits.

The uniquely designed cups that come along with shin guards are in a position to provide protection to ankle bones. Moreover, there is a cushioning available to deliver protection needed by the front part of ankle. It is possible for the users of these shin guards to roll down the guards, which can provide them with better ventilation. Designed for young players, they are a ‘one size fits all’ product.

Grays offer a comprehensive one-year warranty as well. All said, they’re a great option for the junior player.

Prominent features

  • 8” foam pad
  • These shin guards are designed to stay in place
  • Offers additional protection to ankles

Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, the STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards are a good option to consider. 

The main selling point of this model is the lightweight design. There’s a good chance you might even forget they’re even there! The padded inner liner is able to be removed to wash, ensuring they are fresh and ready for each game. 

They’re relatively easy to get on and off, unlike some of the others, however, don’t have a left or right marked so be careful putting them on.  They are designed to deliver a protective and a comfortable fit to you at all times.

Prominent features

  • Fully removable padded liner
  • Lightweight design
  • Removable 360 strap for better fit


These are a selection of the best field hockey shin guards that are available on the market for anyone to buy. If you are planning to purchase a pair of new shin guards for playing field hockey, remember to get a snug fit that covers as much surface area as possible. Don’t neglect your ankles and play safe!

by Eddie, your hockey blogster.

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