Grays GR10000 Jumbow Review

Grays GR10000 Jumbow Hockey Stick Review

The Grays GR10000 is a beautiful hockey stick to behold, with a Jumbow (low bow), graphene and carbon composition. Graphene is a revolutionary material that is harder than diamond and very light. Grays have stepped ahead of the competition by forging the GR 10000 with a composition of flexible graphene. The hi-tech material also ensures the Grays hockey stick is built to last.

The composition gives the stick structural stability and very strong shooting and passing power.
Grays calls it the Tri-Tec carbon reinforcement composition.

The ball flies off the hook of the GR10000 with superb pace – more pace than most sticks can deliver.

The jumbow is a traditional low bow used by many top international players. The low bow style enhances 3-D skills, making skills like the jink steal easier, while drag flicks are also better performed with the low bow. Typically preferred by forwards who like to dazzle and dribble past opposition defenders, the popular style adds to the lethal armory of the GR10000.


I have written an in depth article on the wonders of graphene which can be read here. The amazing substance has already shown it’s capable of reducing weight in cycle frames by 50% while making the structure stronger.

At two hundred times stronger than steel it’s no wonder top manufacturers are integrating the substance into anything from plane wings to hockey sticks. The Grays GR10000 is at the pinnacle of hockey stick design, lightness and strength thanks to graphene.

The substance has another winning quality: Flexibility – this allows the stick not to be completely rigid, giving the user enough take to trap the ball without it spinning off uncontrollably.

Size Guide

It’s important not to buy a stick that’s overly short as you’ll be stooping to far, making playing
uncomfortable after long periods. Equally, don’t buy a stick that’s overly tall or you may end up scraping and mis-timing shots. Here’s our size guide that can help you choose the right size for you.


The Grays GR10000 Jumbow does not come cheap, but the out lay is worth it if you are a serious hockey player. It packs a strong punch, with an ideal shape for 3-D skills. It’s beautifully crafted with a light blue orĀ  black and blue finish. You know your stick of choice is at the forefront of hockey stick technology when you opt for the GR10000. The opposition may get a lump in their throat when they see you unzip the Jumbow. There are some great deals onAmazon for the Jumbow compared with other sites.

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