Best Field Hockey Shoes Guide

Best Field Hockey Shoes | Men and Women’s Buyers Guide [Updated 2022]

Field hockey shoes are an indispensable part of a field hockey player’s kit. They are worn all around the world by players on different surfaces. It’s important to invest in good field hockey shoes, for protection and optimum performance during games.

Quality field hockey shoes are a must if you want to have suitable grip to run and turn abruptly on the surface you’re playing on. Good hockey shoes will also offer protection from fastballs and hard sticks during games and practice sessions. 

These are some of the considerations when choosing the perfect pair of Field Hockey Shoes

Fitment – It’s vital that your shoes fit well. Too loose and your foot will slide around, too tight and they’ll be uncomfortable. However, with a tight shoe you may be able to stretch them. Too big and, unless they’re for a growing child, they’ll never work. Aim for about a thumbs width gap (1/2″) from the end of your toe to the top of the shoe. Don’t forget you will be wearing thick hockey socks!

Cushioning – A supportive sole is important to absorb the impact to your feet and knees when running.

Weight – Generally the lighter the better, to enable you to be quick on your feet.

Protection – A good pair of purpose built Field Hockey Shoes will provide solid toe and heel protection. Giving you extra confidence when going into tackles.




I have organized a list of the top ten field hockey shoes available, nowadays that will ensure the upmost comfort to hockey players.

The list features ten best field hockey shoes that are designed by the top sports brands that specialize in field hockey equipment, such as Grays, Adidas and Asics. Many have raised toes and heels which are reinforced to protect feet from hard hockey balls and hard hockey sticks.  The best field hockey shoes will also have a good level of waterproofing to keep your feet dry on latest water based turf pitches.  Cleats or studs are important but will vary in size depending on which pitch you play on.

Let’s break down what’s important, to buy yourself the best field hockey shoes for premium comfort during both the game and practice sessions.

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Differences Between Men's and Women's Shoes

You will find the only difference between men’s and women’s field hockey shoes is in the colours and sizes. While most are labeled men or women’s, don’t be put off going for either.

Why do some of the best field Hockey Shoes Look Clumsy?

You may ask yourself why field hockey shoes seem to look clumsy, with raised soles, toes, and heels? Well, there is a method in the supposed madness. Raised soles at the toe, firstly, protects you from hard hockey balls that can hit at speeds of up to 100 mph, and secondly, collisions with wayward sticks. The same applies to the heel area.

The best field hockey shoes will be light, without lacking in robustness and strength. Check out this size guide to help you choose the best size for you.

Shoe Size Guide

Are Cleats or Studs on Hockey Shoes Important?

The grip of Hockey shoes is one of the most important factors when choosing the most suitable, or best field hockey shoes. Firstly, determine which surface you’ll be playing on. After that, choose shoes with the appropriate cleat/stud size. Most of the top brands veer toward making their cleats/studs suitable for water-based synthetic pitches. After all, water-based pitches are the most common nowadays.

  • Turf shoes generally have studs and cleats that are smaller, offering more grip on shorter turf
  • When playing on grass you’ll need larger studs or cleats, or you’ll be sliding all over the place
  • For indoor hockey, you’ll need flat soles

Go for Waterproofed Field Hockey Shoes

Waterproofing has become a primary feature in the best field hockey shoes. This is due to the prevalence of water-based pitches. Water-logged feet can make for an uncomfortable playing experience.

Your speed will be reduced with soaked socks and wet feet. That’s why some manufacturers have developed inner socks and higher sides around the ankles. Additionally, the better manufacturers will have used the latest breathable waterproof materials to take moisture away from the skin.

Best Field Hockey Shoes Reviewed

Since the process of searching for top field hockey shoes is quite overwhelming, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is a selection of the best field hockey shoes for you to consider.

Another great option from ASICS is the Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Shoes. These women’s turf shoes get inspiration from trail running. Reasonably light, they provide excellent grip for the most agile of players.

Designed and developed to cater to the needs of casual players through to ambitious amateurs. Featuring Gel cushioning, these shoes, like most from ASICS are decent at absorbing impact.

Built strong with a rubber sole, and a synthetic leather upper, they also have above-average water resistance. Available in a few different color options to match most uniforms.

Prominent features :

  • Comfortable Gel cushioning
  • Good water resistance
  • Don’t need to be broken in

My favorite Field Hockey Shoe for 2022 was an easy pick. Easily the standout, the Osaka IDO Mk1 is, in my opinion, the GOAT of Field Hockey Turf Shoes. Not exclusively for men, they come in a slim version for women too!

The process of creating this masterpiece took over 2 years! The design was a collaboration of many top athletes, along with an ex Nike Shoe Engineer. What stood out the most when I first put on these shoes was just how light they are. Along the unique sole, are what makes these worth the money.

Prominent Features of the Osaka IDO Mk1 :

  • Decoupling – Split sole with each part operating independently for greater flexibility around your foot
  • Round molded heel for snug comfort,
  • SLING system prevents the foot from moving over the sole when changing directions
  • Constructed from Engineered mesh  fabric which is lightweight, and doesn’t absorb water
  • Toebox protection to dissipate the force if hit on the front
  • O spot on the sole -supports the junction under the cuboid bone in the foot
  • Multi-directional tread pattern for maximum traction during all phases of gameplay
  • Stack height of 8mm, which is lower than most to keep your foot closer to the ground

Learn more about the features here >>

Available in 3 different colour schemes, plus Standard and also Slim Fit Sizes.

The Osaka IDO Mk1 shoe is the top-of-the-range shoe for field hockey professionals. A CHEAPER OPTION is the Osaka KAI Mk1 shoe. Also an excellent shoe, with the only difference to the IDO being slightly less flexibility in the sole. 

ASICS is a key player in the hockey sports shoes market. The ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Shoes are popular among professional players. The new vamp construction frees up the forefoot, making you more agile. They look great, have plenty of key features, plus come in two colors.

With a toughened synthetic leather upper, these shoes are extremely well waterproofed, keeping your feet dry and well protected on wet turf. The raised, protected toes and heels also look good. ASICS GEL cushioning, a silicone-like material usefully absorbs shock and protects your feet from high-impact strikes. The sock liner compliments the waterproofing, ensuring you stay dry.

You can slow down, sprint and change whenever you want with the assistance of the bigger studs. A lightweight Solyte midsole helps the GEL-HOCKEY TYPHOON 3 have an excellent bounce back if you’re on a water-based or sand pitch. The designers behind these shoes have made sure the whole foot is raised to protect from hard balls and sticks. A rearfoot, and forefoot gel cushioning system prevents shock during impact and toe-off phases, while allowing movement in multiple planes. The removable sock liner is a great feature, which can be washed separately.

This shoe tick all the hockey boxes.

Prominent features :

  • Excellent cushioning around the midsole
  • High level of grip
  • Exceptional waterproofing
  • The removable, washable sock liner
  • Innovative pair of shoes

The Fabela Rise Field Hockey Shoe from Adidas is an excellent value for money option. Suitable for beginners wanting to improve their game, right through to professional athletes who know what works in a Hockey shoe.

Featuring an exposed two-tone upper mesh that allows your foot to breathe, while still enabling plenty of flex through your foot. In addition to this, the Insoles are made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate thus also assisting in keeping your feet cool. For added peace of mind, EcoOrtholite is an environmentally friendly product.

For grip, the synthetic lugs on the molded rubber outsole provide great traction. Topped off by foil-covered synthetic layers which offer decent impact protection while assisting to strengthen the midfoot area.

Available in a few different colour schemes, depending on which country you are in.

Featured Technology – 

  • Traxion Outsole
  • 2-Tone Mesh Upper
  • Impact Protection Zones
  • Eco Ortholite Insole

Adidas Fabela X Empower Hockey Shoes are popular among professional players. If you are a professional player or, keen to experience the outstanding performance that professional players experience, you must take a look at the Adidas Fabela X Empower Hockey Shoe.

Featuring in-built  boost™ technology for energy-returning cushioning, you’ll find these shoes will give you additional energy while running and turning. With the vast experience of Adidas, who would argue?

The upper textile of the Adidas Fabela X Empower Hockey Shoes looks quite similar to a sock molded properly within the rubber. This will give you a lightweight feel, along with excellent grip.

 You can find a unique structure in the outsole of these shoes, including a TPU grid structure that is tough, resistant, and supports multi-directional movements. The midsole has a unique shape that allows your foot to impact on the ground effectively, to ensure good control.

Another great, yet harder to find option is the Adidas Fabela X Empower Field Hockey Shoe. These are the top-of-the-range model from Adidas. Which are fantastic, but to be honest, the main difference to the cheaper Rise model is the sole. With a tighter, shorter cleat pattern the Fabela X Empower is perfect for astroturf, but not exactly an all-rounder like the Rise.

While the stretchable inner sock will be able to give extra comfort. Foil-covered synthetic layers deliver additional protection against water, as well as blows from the ball and sticks.

The cleats are quite small though, so are not suitable for grass.

Prominent features :

  • Upper textile constructed with molded rubber
  • TPU outsole to deliver better movements
  • Stretchable sock
  • Suitable for turf, not grass

ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 2 field hockey shoes are very popular among top players. That’s mainly because these shoes come to you from a reputed brand that specializes in hi-tech hockey shoes – they look darn good too! Designed for the offensive player, they have a lower stance than many hockey shoes but it’s okay; they come well protected with rearfoot and forefoot GEL Cushioning. They come with excellent features such as an innovative durable and flexible outsole, optimized for water turfs. A novel feature is an anti gravel special tongue construction that prevents debris from entering the shoe.

Best Field Hockey Shoes Reviewed

P.H.F. (Personalized Heel Fit) offers two layers of memory foam, which lines the collar and molds to your heel giving a personal fit. Solyte Midsole Material Spongy layer between the sole and upper is designed to absorb shock and cushion the foot.

These can compete for grip and protection with the most expensive shoes available in the market. If you take a look at the front design of these shoes, you will also notice that they are wrapped inside a P-Guard, tear-resistant synthetic material. Offering good protection from hard balls and hockey sticks. You have the chance to personalize the snugged fit available with these hockey shoes as well to help keep your feet dry. A sound choice.

Prominent features : 

  • The front is wrapped in P-guard
  • Molded gripped sole to deliver better traction
  • Affordable

*Currently only available in the UK and parts of Europe. Worldwide shipping may be available*

The Under Armour Women’s Finisher shoes, which are labeled as Lacrosse shoes, are exceptionally well suited to Field Hockey. They not only look great but are functional and comfortable.

The main advantage of these shoes is their lightweight design. This stems from the synthetic upper and super lightweight toe-box. Expect great grip and traction on turf and grass due to the mini-lug sole.

One common complaint about these shoes is the sizing. They tend to run on the small side, so order one size bigger to be covered.

Prominent features :

  • Lightweight
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner for comfort
  • Suitable for turf and dry grass
Cons :
  • Sizing can be snug
  • Not much toe protection when hit by balls

Grays offer some of the most stylish and best-designed hockey shoes on the market. New outsole technology reduces weight from previous models by an outstanding 42%. You can expect to get the latest technology and good comfort from the Grays GX12000 Hockey Shoes.

You will receive a high level of protection out of these field hockey shoes, as they come along with a G-cage upper XP2. A great feature is the G-Tech II Pro sole unit that uses multi-directional cleats (studs), ideal for sand and water-based pitches.

Designed with a waterproof lining to minimize the water absorption of the shoe, to ensure the lightest performance shoe over the full duration of the game. The treatment gives XP5 waterproof rating and is fully breathable. –  Grays

Another great thing to note about Grays GX12000 Hockey Shoes is the construction. XFit tongue with heat-responsive memory foam ensures prolonged comfort as the season progresses.

Additionally, the clever designers have added an ‘Anti-fatigue Torsion System’ which improves flexibility, propulsion, and shock absorption. All said, they are cutting-edge hockey shoe ticking most boxes, including protection, multi-surface, durability, lightness, waterproofing, and comfort.

Prominent features : 

  • G-Cage XP2 upper to deliver a better performance
  • Flex free technology to enhance speed
  • Lightweight design
  • Released in 2016, still one of the best on the market

*Currently available in the UK and most of Europe. Worldwide shipping may be available*

The best value-for-money, most versatile unisex Field Hockey shoe on the market in 2022 is, in my opinion, the Osaka Hockey KAI Mk1. Designed exclusively with hockey in mind, the KAI is the little brother to the GOAT of field hockey shoes – the Osaka IDO Mk1.

First, you will notice how lightweight the shoe is—engineered to stay light by not absorbing water while you play. This is achieved through a water-repelling upper combined with a thin tongue that won’t suck in water.

Moving down to the sole, build around the form of a foot – the midsole is very comfortable, providing great absorption. While a rounded outsole provides full contact protection, bringing extra confidence to your game. Underneath the shoe, I found the multi-directional cleat sole works on pretty much any surface, from astro to grass and even indoors. I love that I could wear the KAI Mk1 shoe from home to the gym, as well as on the pitch – so versatile! 

Available in three different colours

Prominent features : 

  • Super light-weight Hockey shoe
  • Reinforced toe box on the front to protect against ball strikes
  • Heel lock lacing system which really keeps your heel planted in the shoe
  • 10mm drop from the front to the back of the shoe
  • Versatile for any surfaces
  • Excellent value for money

The Adidas Zone Dox 2.0 Men’s Hockey Turf Shoe is a lightweight option, useful for sand and water-based pitches. They are made out of synthetic material, offering protection and waterproofing in key areas. SPRINTFRAME construction provides stability and speed through geometrical research by this leading brand. As a result, you can expect durability and comfort. The soles of these shoes are made out of rubber with small cleats.

The sleek design offered by Adidas Zone Dox 2.0 Men’s Hockey Turf Shoes have contributed heavily towards their popularity. Adidas has gone for a refreshing change in shape from other brands. A breathable mesh and synthetic upper design improve comfort. These are modern-looking shoes. They offer a flexible and well-balanced feeling. Check which pitch you’re going to be playing on before you opt for these smaller studs or cleats.

Prominent features :

  • Rubber sole construction
  • Made out from a synthetic material
  • Sleek design

Kookaburra is a premium Australian field hockey manufacturer with a history dating back to 1890. By far one of the most trustworthy companies in Australian sporting goods.

Specifically designed for Hockey, the Kookaburra Team Field Hockey Shoes incorporates outstanding traction for acceleration, while also being engineered to provide comfort & durability so you can run faster than ever!

Featuring excellent shock absorption capability for protection. The front support is designed to reduce shockwaves from balls and sticks. With a coated mesh durable upper for added water resistance and durability.

An advanced EVA midsole further helps with shock absorption, while a perforated insole provides comfort. 

Prominent features : 

  • Integrated neoprene sock for exceptional fit
  • Acclaimed hockey specific outsole to provide superb traction
  • Coated mesh upper for added water-resistance & durability
  • Advanced EVA midsole for superior shock absorption
  • Perforated insole to reduce shock waves

These shoes are a safe bet for a low to mid-range shoe.

*Currently not available in the US. Worldwide shipping may be possible*

Adidas Hockey Lux Shoes are another great option, and one of the best-looking hockey shoes available – not unusual from Adidas. Apart from the lightweight design, you will also appreciate the snug fit of the Lux.

One of the unique features that you will find with the Adidas Hockey Lux Shoes is the neoprene collar. This provides you with all the support needed to resist mud and moisture. Keeping your feet dry, and away from water while you play.

Adidas Hockey Lux Shoes have been developed with excellent quality. They are one of the lightest hockey shoes on the market. With a TPU outsole, they offer great grip on turf. A raised toe and heel area don’t feel or look clumsy, so the Lux wouldn’t look out of place on walks to the park or to the supermarket. The high tongue offers protection from balls and sticks and also helps provide a snug fit.

All said they are prime hockey shoes at an affordable price.

Prominent features :

  • Lightweight durable synthetic upper
  • TPU outsole for excellent grip
  • Snug fitting design


These are a selection of the best field hockey shoes that you can purchase for today’s pitches. Value for money, design attributes including lightness, robustness, waterproofing, and protection are all worth considering when selecting your new hockey shoes. Select a shoe with the right size cleats or studs and make sure they’re waterproof if you want to be a serious player.


Eddie G

Eddie G

Eddie G, lives and breathes field hockey. In fact, he would go as far to say that he is a bit of a field hockey nut. He loves to research the latest trends and happenings in the game, so that he can stay ahead of the competition. While not so much on the pitch these days, Eddie enjoys reading up on the latest news and developments in the world of field hockey.

Eddie G

Eddie G

Eddie G, lives and breathes field hockey. In fact, he would go as far to say that he is a bit of a field hockey nut. He loves to research the latest trends and happenings in the game, so that he can stay ahead of the competition. While not so much on the pitch these days, Eddie enjoys reading up on the latest news and developments in the world of field hockey.

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