4 Best Field Hockey Shoes for Advanced Players

4 Best Shoes for Advanced Field Hockey Players

95% of serious field hockey players compete on artificial turf nowadays. Although there may be times when you play on grass fields. Whether you want the same shoes to perform well on both pitches must be considered when you choose your field hockey shoes.

What to consider when buying Field Hockey Shoes


  • Artificial Turf – The best performing field hockey shoes on artificial turf will need quite small studs/or cleats, as a light option that will allow you to grip well, yet be as agile as possible.
  • Grass – The same sports shoes will be ineffective on a grass pitch which requires large cleats/studs – made from rubber to help you gain grip in soft ground.


Advanced field hockey players will look for additional features in their field hockey shoes. Waterproofing should be a key consideration when choosing your hockey shoes. No one wants to play in wet socks. Not only is it uncomfortable, but sodden feet also weigh you down. Quality shoes will have waterproofing around the ankle and above the toe.


Have you ever wondered why the best field hockey shoes are raised from the ground? They appear to be like walking on platforms, and for good reason. With hard-hitting balls running fast across the turf, you don’t want bruises on your toes and heels. The top brands circumnavigate the need for this feature, somewhat, with extra reinforced impact areas.

Lets have a look at four top field hockey shoes for advanced field hockey players that are available worldwide…

*Available in the UK and parts of the EU only*

Grays take their field hockey very seriously. This shoe is a testament to that. It’s not the type of shoe you’d wear casually around town. The only function is to give you a cutting edge on the playing field. Grays say the Burner Pro has been designed with the help of international players. Ideally suited for water-based artificial turf, the Pro is designed with a waterproof lining that is fully breathable.

The IMPULSE+ Mid-sole is Grays

‘innovative cushioning technology that compresses under ‘pressure for better shock absorption’ with a ‘natural impulse to return instantly to its original shape’. Impluse+ offers superior energy return thus delivering more comfort and performance.

These shoe’s are lightweight, designed to keep your footwork agile. Currently only available in the UK and parts of the EU.

The Asics Gel Typhoon 3 is designed for toughness. Built with toughened synthetic/leather uppers, gel heels protect the ankle well and the whole shoe is designed to be waterproof. The removable sock liner is a nice touch that ensures a snug fit and keeps you dry.

The P-guard Toe Protector With DUOMAX Technology is tough, protecting you from swinging sticks and fastballs. While the blue design looks cool.

With Adidas’ experience and massive range in sports shoes, it’s not surprising another of their designs makes it into the current top 4 for advanced field hockey, men’s shoes. The rubber cleats are perfect for water-based synthetic turf. An extra-durable exterior offers good protection throughout the shoe. The raised sole design is also protective while the TPU toe cap provides extra protection from impact. The TRAXION™ outsole gives maximum grip in all directions.

Snug-fitting ankle supports offer moisture protection. In traditional Adidas style, the Flexcloud are comfortable to wear and light.

The Adidas FlexCloud Hockey Shoes are constructed with air mesh in the forefoot which allows airflow throughout the shoe for a dry and cool foot environment.

Ideal for artificial turf only the Lux has a raised heel, which is perfect for protection from balls running along the turf. Small, yet effective cleats/studs offer good grip on turf, while remaining part of a light hockey shoe. The reinforced toe area is waterproof. The ‘bootee design’ and ‘neoprene material’ around the ankle keep the moisture out. Snug-fitting ankle supports offer moisture protection. 

These shoes look great too, especially in the red, orange and aqua. Some of the best on the market, suitable for everyone as the Lux is unisex

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