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Best field hockey shoes for women are designed by some of the leading household names in field hockey. Grays, Adidas, Kookaburra, and Asics have designed great shoes to enhance the performance of women hockey players.

The different types of Field Hockey Shoes

Firstly, when shopping for Field Hockey Shoes, figure out what surface you will be playing on. Different playing surfaces require different types of shoes. Namely :

  • Artificial Grass/Turf
  • Grass
  • Indoor arenas

With more hockey players playing on artificial pitches, the majority of new field hockey shoes are designed with rubber soles, having small rubber studs.

Shoes designed for grass have taller metal or rubber (cleats) studs. Often studs (cleats) are designed to splay out from the sides of the sole to offer more grip when twisting and turning on turf.

Whereas, indoor arenas suit a much flatter sole. You’ll find many of the shoes designed for turf will also work indoors.

Raised Toes and Heels

The toes of field hockey shoes are often raised and reinforced, to protect players from hard-hitting balls, and to some degree swinging hooks of sticks. Often there will be heavy-duty material added around the ankle and heel area for better protection.


Waterproofing is an important consideration for manufacturers. Players do not want to be running with heavy, wet feet on wet grass or turf. Equally important for manufacturers is to create lightweight shoes that make players competitive and fast, on any type of surface. The benefit of buying hockey shoes with flatter grip/cleats is that they normally can be used for the indoor season as well, as the rubber smaller studs (cleats) will not be cumbersome.

International Shoe Sizes
International Shoe Sizes

The major field hockey brands in this review are chosen because of their attention to detail, and their pedigrees in hockey-related equipment. Our reviews focus on 2023 shoes for grass and artificial turf/indoor pitches.

Here are the 4 of our favorite Womens Field Hockey Shoes

My favorite Womens Field Hockey Shoe for 2023 was an easy pick. Easily the standout, the Osaka IDO Mk1 is, in my opinion, the GOAT of Field Hockey Turf Shoes. Not exclusively for women, they come in a standard version for men too!

The process of creating this masterpiece took over 2 years! The design was a collaboration of many top athletes, along with an ex Nike Shoe Engineer. What stood out the most when I first put on these shoes was just how light they are. Along the unique sole, are what makes these worth the money.

Prominent Features of the Osaka IDO Mk1 :

  • Decoupling – Split sole with each part operating independently for greater flexibility around your foot
  • Round molded heel for snug comfort,
  • SLING system prevents the foot from moving over the sole when changing directions
  • Constructed from Engineered mesh  fabric which is lightweight, and doesn’t absorb water
  • Toebox protection to dissipate the force if hit on the front
  • O spot on the sole -supports the junction under the cuboid bone in the foot
  • Multi-directional tread pattern for maximum traction during all phases of gameplay
  • Stack height of 8mm, which is lower than most to keep your foot closer to the ground

Learn more about the features here >>


New for 2023, now available in 4 different colour schemes.

The Osaka IDO Mk1 shoe is the top-of-the-range shoe for field hockey professionals. A cheaper option is the Osaka KAI Mk1 shoe. Also an excellent shoe, with the only difference to the IDO being a slightly less flexible sole. 

A great option from ASICS. These women’s Gel-Lethal MP7 turf shoes get inspiration from trail running. Reasonably light, they provide excellent grip for the most agile of players.

Designed and developed to cater to the needs of casual players through to ambitious amateurs. Featuring Gel cushioning, these shoes, like most from ASICS are decent at absorbing impact.

Built strong with a rubber sole, and due to their synthetic leather upper has above-average water resistance. Available in a few different color options to match most uniforms.

Prominent features :

  • Comfortable Gel cushioning
  • Good water resistance
  • Don’t need to be broken in

The elevated toe and heel on the Grays Flight AST offer good protection from fast hockey balls, while the lightweight design will allow players to run fast. An improved grip offers traction in tight turns and is outstanding on synthetic surfaces, especially water-based turf.

Prominent features :

  • LOW PROFILE GEL ZONE PP as with the Burner Pro offers stable ‘low to the ground midsole for quick dynamic turns’
  • Provides ‘cushioning through gel inserts and torsional stability with the Micro-Light E.P.S mid foot unit’
  • The one-piece upper is designed to fit as smoothly as a glove and importantly, reduce water intake. 

At a much lower price than the burner pro, this is a good value shoe.

The short rubber studs (cleats) make the Fabela X Hockey Shoe ideal for synthetic turf and indoor arenas. With Adidas’ experience in designing elite running shoes, it’s no surprise the shoe is lightweight and comfortable when sprinting.

Prominent features :

  • A stretchable inner sock allows for a snug fit and good protection from the wet
  • The lightweight textile upper features synthetic layers that give good protection against impacts from hockey balls, and arguably from some hockey stick blows
  • Guards against wetness seeping through to feet
  • Built with energy-returning cushioning

However, the small studs (cleats) make them unsuitable for grass play. While they’re not cheap, you certainly get what you pay for. Available in a range of colours.

As a field hockey player, I am always on the lookout for shoes that can help me perform at my best. The Scott Supertrac 3 is one such shoe that has exceeded my expectations.

The ALL TERRAIN TRACTION feature has been a game-changer for me. I have played on a variety of surfaces, including wet and slippery fields, and the shoe has provided me with exceptional grip and stability. The lug configuration is strategically designed to give me superior forward and breaking traction, and the chevrons around the forefoot provide extra stability when I need it most.

The AEROFOAM+ technology in the shoe has also been a highlight for me. The cushioned yet stable ride is essential for high-performance sports like field hockey. The dynamic rebound of the foam ensures that my stride remains efficient, even during prolonged games. The shoe’s 21mm forefoot and 29mm heel (5mm drop) provide me with the perfect balance of cushioning and stability, allowing me to focus on my game without worrying about my feet.

Another innovative feature of the Scott Supertrac is the eRIDE technology. The unique rocker shape of the shoe creates a stable mid-stance, promoting a faster and more efficient running style that is ideal for field hockey players. The technology works with my body to promote a more dynamic running position, reducing heel strike impacts and increasing my overall running efficiency.

Finally, the TOE GUARD feature in the shoe is a thoughtful addition that has helped protect my feet from ball impacts. The PU toe guard is robust and reliable, giving me the confidence to play my best without worrying about injuries.

The Kookaburra Dusk Hockey Shoe is a solid budget option.

Prominent features :

  • Advanced EVA midsoles for superior shock absorption
  • The robust and raised toe provides protection from fast hockey balls
  • The transparent coated mesh upper increases durability and prevents water from entering the shoe
  • The heel is not as high as other models we’ve seen
  • The rubber studs (cleats) are well usable indoors and on artificial turf
  • A padded tongue is a benefit for protecting the upper foot

The mesh on the upper ensures the shoes are breathable, keeping your feet well ventilated. As a budget option, the Dusk is a good buy.

The heel protection and ankle water protection may not be as good as the more expensive shoes though, however, they are light and durable. 

To Wrap up

All said, you’ll need lightweight, well-protected, waterproof shoes with the size studs (cleats) ideal for your regular playing surface. I would stick with the brands that know the sport inside out. These brands have a long history in sport’s shoes, so can be relied upon to produce decent field hockey shoes.

Still undecided? Try our list of the 10 Best Field Hockey Shoes for some more inspiration!


Grays Burner Pro Shoe
Review of Grays Burner Pro Field Hockey Shoes

Grays Burner Pro: Grays describe the Burner Pro as an all surface hockey shoe. The stud (cleats) design make it best suited to water based turf. The IXP5 waterproof treatment of the Burner Pro offers great protection from rain and wet surfaces so that players won’t have wet and weighed down feet. The god news is your feet won’t get wet from sweat either thanks to the GR-TEX UPPER. Designed for speed and performance the lightweight breathable GR-TEX upper with seamless G0RSE Mesh windows allows for breathability.

The raised, reinforced heel and toe offers protection from high speed hockey balls. The S.H.F (SUPERIOR HEEL FIT) built in TPU counter offers  a secure and stable fit, reducing ‘lateral movement in the heel area’, combined with ‘ultra-soft memory foam for a unique fit’.

Softer feel TPU cleats make significant weight saving and ‘provide outstanding purchase’ on the synthetic surfaces. While their best performance is undoubtedly on synthetic turf, they are usable indoors. For long term play indoors flatter soles would be better advised. All said Grays burner Pros are elite field hockey shoes from the elite field hockey equipment manufacturer. Expect to pay approximately $150, 120 GBP, $220 AUD. Amazon was the cheapest seller place we found.

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