11 reasons Field Hockey is Awesome

11 Reasons why Field Hockey is such an Awesome Sport

The 11 reasons why field hockey is such an awesome sport include the challenge of beating the opposition team and rising up the table. From the challenge of mastering different styles of passes to the buzz of exercise on open fields. Don’t underestimate the health benefits, while the tactical decisions that need to be made, unique to field hockey emphasize the enthralling speed of the game.

Then there’s the challenge of gaining mastery over the opposition by gaining a fraction of an advantage, by owning the latest stick, pure athletic power, or by great teamwork, Advantage can be gained in many ways, though it’s pursuing that advantage that is the most fun. True friendships gained in field hockey can be rewarding also. The art of scoring, or blocking that goal-bound stroke. Or honing a new skill and seeing it come off are exciting facets of the game. Watching field hockey can be especially rewarding with the Olympics showcasing the incredible talents of field hockey players.

As I drank my double shot latte from the sidelines I remembered a conversation with a friend, who asked what I enjoyed about, ‘hitting a ball with a stick?” Here are my eleven reasons why hockey is an awesome game.

Team Sport

Field hockey is an awesome game because it’s a team sport, however, not just any team sport. The team must be united and ready to meet the challenge. Pride in your team and the will to win and climb the table is not easy. The very challenge of making sure every one knows their jobs, is well equipped, and is motivated to win is an enjoyable challenge in itself.

Learning new skills

Field hockey is an awesome sport for the challenge of improving our skill levels. The more skills the player has, the more chance he can lead the team to glory, and ultimately win. Perhaps by scoring the winning goal, or dramatically saving a goal-bound strike. Or perhaps with great wing play, or by gaining a reputation for being an amazing tackler in midfield. The enjoyment of learning new skills is a great sense of achievement in field hockey.

Health and well-being for body and mind

Field hockey is a great game because instead of sitting in front of the TV at home, players are getting great exercise on open fields. Invariably, field hockey games are played in unpolluted environments. Exercise promotes neurogenesis, creating more neurons and generally giving us a sense of well-being. Thus promoting better brain and body health.

Tactical Challenges

Field hockey is awesome for its tactical challenges. Should the wide players squeeze in, offering better defense, or should they stay wide ready to spring an attack? Should defenders use heavy sticks so they are better in the tackle? Placing the right player for the right job, in the right place, has to be thought about. With many small factors to think about to bring a solid result, the tactics of field hockey can be beguiling and part of what makes the game awesome.

All over muscle use

What a great game field hockey is for testing the whole body. From short sprints to longer lopes for the length of the park, a player’s running fitness will be highly tested. Upper body strength is put through the wringer when dribbling, while hitting the ball is so important in the game. Even wrist strength is tested when twisting and turning the stick, or putting in that goalmouth block.

The adrenaline rush

Hockey is an awesome game for its adrenaline rush, where pure excitement grips the players as the hockey ball reaches crazy speeds. It’s reported that hockey balls can zip along at up to 100 mph when hit cleanly. With possession of the ball priceless in field hockey, being able to smack the ball at this enthralling type of speed to try to score excites the shooter and the spectator alike.

Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks

Stick Choice

Treading onto the grass with a stick worthy of your skills is like a formula one driver slipping into his latest high-tech car. As you improve in field hockey, you will want a stick to help you gain an advantage in close control or defense, particularly when it comes to stroking towards goal. These days the best sticks are high tech, super cool, and highly desirable. From the shape of the toe to the composite material, all have designs honed for certain purposes like hockey formula one cars. These are the best sticks on the market now.


Friendships in field hockey rise from the collective working together. If you enjoy socializing with people, with plenty of things in common, such as the same age, same sex, then field hockey is the right game for you. Not only do good connections grow on the field, but many players also mix socially after the game.


Hockey is an important team game in the Olympics. You know you’re watching a great sport when you see experts of different countries parade their skills at the most important competition. From incredible dribbling to twisting ball control, having field hockey as an Olympic sport brings the best out of players from many countries, helping attract new generations to the high paced and enthralling sport.

Local pride

Field hockey is a wonderful sport for honing local pride in your school, town, or country. To feel part of a tradition, with loyalty to a cause helps stoke fires of loyalty among athletes who enjoy the challenge of trying to better themselves and their team’s ranking. These feelings deter loneliness and make field hockey such an awesome sport to play or to follow.

Learning to score

Field hockey is a great game for its unique skills needed to progress your team. Scoring is one of those skills. You may not score outside the D and the goal is very small. The inner edges of the posts must be 3.66 meters (4 yards) apart, and the lower edge of the crossbar must be 2.14 meters (7 feet) from the ground. This means honing your technique is all-important. Check out our Learning to Play Field Hockey article for more tips.

Hitting a ball with a stick

Field hockey is an awesome sport because after the stress of work, relieving stress by running and hitting a ball with a stick is very rewarding. I don’t mean aimlessly whacking a ball into next door’s back window. I mean physically pushing yourself with a skill set that you’ve honed. As you cajole the ball ahead of you it relieves stress while being very rewarding for field hockey players. You should try it sometime!

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