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Reviews of field hockey equipment on Hockey Hooked have been carried out in a non biased way by hockey enthusiasts, who’ve done the hard work for hockey players.

Reviews include in depth articles about field hockey sticks, hockey shoes, hockey bags, hockey goal nets, shin guards and other essential supplies needed to play the game of field hockey. Reviews have an emphasis on comfort and safety which are of great importance.

With all levels of players in mind guides offer equipment reviews suitable for beginners and advanced players. Testimonials from international players at the top of the game and useful size guides appear in many reviews.

The technical side of construction is also important when reviewing hockey equipment and is researched in full when writing reviews. With latest materials used in constructing field hockey equipment changing regularly, our researches are laser focussed in exploring these advances . From graphene to the latest shapes and trends, such as penalty flick grooves, they are covered in many articles found on the website.