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The who and how of hockey hooked

My name is Eddie. I’m a big field hockey fan, having played it at junior school right up to my age now – (unfortunately) approaching middle age. My father played hockey before me and as a ten year old, I used to hold the halved oranges, waiting for the panting and huffing giants to come off the hockey field at half time.

When you grow up around the sport, it’s easy to get the bug for field hockey. That bug to improve your skills, be part of a team, the desire to improve your fitness, and the feel of fun for the game.

Hockey Tips by Eddie

I started this blog because I have a passion for the game. Its bewitchment comes in the challenge of the sport, which is never boring as new technologies and new techniques come and go. Hockey sticks are always becoming more advanced. I do my best to cover these advancements and offer you a buying guide. I offer tips on technique and all of the latest news in the world of field hockey. I hope you enjoy!

In the ’90s aluminum sticks were seen as the great new technology, bringing a harder hit. Only for the stick to soon be banned by the FIH for its despondency to split, and cause grievous bodily harm. On the other side of the coin, drag flicks skills were invented the decade before, and add a new spice to the hockey game.

Greats like Sandeep Singh wow audiences; he broke the world record with a drag flick of 145 KMs per hour! These new skills remain part of the modern-day makeup of the sport.

Hockey is always evolving, like formula one racing. Where my father’s generation thought foam pumped into a mid bow wooden stick was the height of technology. Now we have low bows, mid bows, pro bows, and more. Bows nowadays are made from kevlar, composite, carbons, and countless other concoctions.

My other pastime includes writing. I have written a 95000-word anthropomorphic novel called the Zambezi Allies, which tells the story of a young lion alone in the wilderness of Zimbabwe. You can find it available here. The upshot is, I like writing and I like field hockey, so this blog will bring you fixtures, facts, fun, and follies of the field hockey world.


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