KOOKABURRA 2019 Team Conflict M Bow Review

The Kookaburra Team Conflict M bow is an advanced mid bow field hockey stick for the serious player. The mid bow is suitable for an all rounder, who likes a more predictable shaped stick. Australians are serious about their field hockey and the Team Conflict is a top club level stick from the esteemed hockey manufacturer from down under. The whizzes from Kookaburra have added high end features that tell me you may even see this stick used at international level too.

M Bow Shape

The m-bow is Kookaburra’s mid bow shape. The mid bow has some advantages and disadvantages compared with the low bow. You can read my article on the advantages and disadvantages of bow shapes here.

The mid bow is often preferred by defensive players who need a flatter bow with the apex higher up the stick. This makes the stick more governable to use when blocking and clearing. Often offensive players will opt for a low bow for it’s focus on 3-D skills. Saying that, some forwards prefer the mid bow for its’ upright style in tight spots where the predictability level means quicker control. In the end it’s up to what you feel comfortable with.

The Feel of the Team Conflict

Like many of the top brands their best range of stick is made with carbon composite. ‘Tri-Core’ internal structure Kookaburra claims offers ‘optimum stiffness’ and ‘improved power’.

KOOKABURRA 2019 Team Conflict M Bow Review
KOOKABURRA 2019 Team Conflict M Bow Review

Kookaburra haven’t forgotten the feel of the stick by adding a ‘soft feel resin’ into the core construction
which means you aren’t going to get an old cricket bat feel of solid wood against a hard ball.  The interior adds a flexibility, only felt on other top range models of the best brands.

The handle is very soft and there is hardly any vibration when taking the shot. It’s thin enough to be agile and nimble when held and flipped around.

Size Guide

It’s important to get the right size hockey stick so we have designed the following guide.

Field Hockey Stick Length Guide
Field Hockey Sticks For Beginners’ Needs

KCF Textured Surface and Hook

The KCF textured playing surface is Kookaburra’s answer to STX’s textured toe. It adds more grip and
control on surfaces so the ball does not spin off haphazardly when trapping or dribbling. The ball is certainly easier to control with the added texture.

The maxi head is, nowadays, is found in 90% of new hockey sticks and personally I find is predictable in the tackle, pass and when shooting on goal, with it’s larger surface area than the midi hook.

KOOKABURRA 2019 Team Conflict M-Bow Review
Kookaburra  Team Conflict M Bow Review


While the team Conflict M bow is not for the drag flicker, its mid bow shape is ideal for the all round player who may finds themselves as a defender, midfielder or attacker. the elite level composite gives good power while allowing some give in the take.  Kookaburra also pledges the composite will provide durability – only the years will tell.

At the mid level price range the Conflict offers superb value for money. Although it could be used with aplomb at club level, even a beginner could practice core skills using it thanks to the mid bow shape shape and maxi hook.  You’ll find it on Amazon here at the very reasonable price of under 150 GBP/$200.

By Eddie.G, your hockey blogster


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