Grays KN7 Probow Review

Grays KN sticks are designed for fast-paced, 3D styles of play with an excellent pickup, so as expected, the low bow shape is more distinct than Grays mid bow shapes. The KN7 is an advanced stick, typically for a forward player who wants to display their fancy hook work.

The KN7 Probow feels light but stiff. Its smooth lines and low bow design make me feel like a samurai warrior inspecting the blacksmith’s finest sword selection.

Grays are at the summit of composite stick technology. The Kinetic Core Technology in the centre of the stick is all about redistribution of weight for a light and nimble pick up.

Stick Sizes

Choose the right size that works for you. Some people may choose a stick that is longer to gain an extra advantage, or so they don’t have to lean down as far. However, you don’t want to be scuffing the ground
when you swing. Check out our measurement guide below to size up your stick.

Speed and Nimbleness

Nuances in design affect speed, control, and power. The higher the balance point and the lighter the deadweight, the higher the speed rating. Ideal for 3-D skills, the KN range has a good combination of dead weight, and balance point. When trying a Jink steal the head feels nimble and light and strong.

When choosing your KN stick the higher the number, the stiffer the stick.

Prominent features

  • The KN 7 Probow is used by Hannah Prince of the U.S. National Field Hockey team.
  • Kinetic Core Technology is at the center of each stick
  • The technology is designed primarily for 3-D, progressive and fast-paced style of play
  • Revolutionary material graphene is used
  • The stick is made up of Geocentric Core Technology with Tri-Tec carbon weave
  • Vibration dampening
  • Drag flick design


Whilst not cheap, the KN7 is a stick for serious players who find themselves in offensive positions and enjoy performing nimble skills such as 3-D skills. The stick is a great asset when performing drag-flick penalties, and feels light but stiff. With graphene in its composition, you know the stick will last longer than the usual flotsam. Not surprising as graphene is harder than diamond.

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