Watch FIH Pro League Free

Watch FIH Hockey Games Free

Watch FIH Hockey Games Free

It’s now possible to watch field hockey FIH Pro League games for free. The FIH is keen to promote field hockey to a wider audience. Despite being one of the world’s most popular team sports, field hockey does not get the number of spectators it deserves.

Field hockey at the Olympics was a great success, but the huge crowds associated with Soccer, American Football, and Basketball have stayed away. In a bid to change the status quo, The Federation of International Hockey has started its own streaming channel, to cover the gaps when the large sports networks aren’t covering the games.

It’s now possible to watch all of the best FIH action for FREE!

Provided you have a good internet connection, you can now watch FIH Field Hockey for free through the Watch Hockey App. Available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play for use on any of your devices. Simply sign up and log-in for free access.

How to get the games on the big screen?

While it’s great to watch the games, or highlights while on the run, everyone likes the big screen right? The easiest solution is to stream the Watch Hockey App from your device to the TV. There are a variety of options on how to stream to your TV, including –

  • Connect your computer to the TV via a HDMI connection
  •  Apple TV – Airplay from either your device or computer (from my Mac i needed to mirror my screen as there wasn’t an Airplay button on the video feeds)
  • Chromecast on Android devices to Smart TV’s

Can i watch the FIH Pro League games live?

Thanks to this fantastic app, all of the FIH Pro League Field Hockey games are shown. However, broadcasting rights can be a tricky issue. For that reason, not all of the games are shown live. Expect all of the FIH Pro League games to be live, except in the countries below. In these locations, the broadcasters listed below have the rights to show the games live. So, for these countries the games will still be available to stream, but after the matches have finished.

I'm getting the error: This Content Is Not Available In Your Country

It’s been reported that in some countries, the Watch Hockey app is geo-blocked. Never fear, there’s a way around this. Simply use a VPN or DNS service to ‘trick’ your internet location into thinking you’re in a different country. FIH Hockey blockedThere are a bunch of different options, many are free. I personally use SmartDNS (paid option), set up on my router, which means all of my devices connected to wifi will avoid being blocked.

2022 fih pro league field hockey match schedule

There’s some great information on the FIH Pro League page.

Enjoy the games!

International field hockey is taking off thanks to the FIH Pro League. This year’s league, while interrupted, promises to have some exciting games well worth tuning in to. There will be plenty of stars on display during the competitive tournament.

I hope the Watch Hockey app works as well for you as it has for me. Welcome to add any other suggestions in the comments below. 

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