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Nike Renew Sports Trainers Review | Buyers Guide

The Nike Renew sports shoe range were designed with key factors in mind: durability, cushioning and as with all Nike’s latest trainers, lightness. A more responsive and less stiff design was the goal of the designers, so that athletes can go the distance on hard surfaces in total comfort. A good pair of sports trainers are imperative for the team player so you can be comfortable while  running and maintaining fitness in between games. The following review will reveal if the comfort levels of the Renew are a hit or a miss. Without further a do lets begin. The striking Nike Renew images leap out of the page at you and are no disappointment in real life. Bright accent colors, red and blue, grays, pinks and many more hues look great on the shoe’s tongue and beneath the heel.

How are Nike Renew Made?

Nike Renew Run trainers are built with Nike Lunarlon cushioning that uses a soft, responsive foam to absorb shock and reduce impact. They certainly do that, more so than my last pair of Air Max. The white cushioning heels looks more generous than my old Air Max’s and feel comfy when walking on any surface.
NNike Renew Trainers Review
Nike Renew Trainers Review
The high-density Phylon foam carrier allows for good stability and support. These Nikes literally put a spring in your step. You feel yourself bouncing almost around the gym. Footwear Developer, Ashlie Johnson says, “We worked hand in hand to create the shoe together. From stitches per inch to foam composition to toe-box  material, we obsessed every single part and how it’s built. Plus, we had runners log more than 9,000 miles in the shoe during product testing–that’s equivalent to 343 marathons.”
Nike Renew Trainers Review
Nike Renew Trainers Review

What do the Designers say?

The shoes say durable, with a secure feeling rubber outsole providing traction which seems and looks  tough and perfectly in place. Natasha Lewis product line manager said they are designed for the athlete to, “log in the miles and go the distance,” which I can believe. Head designer, Karl Seamark, said he loves the fact the team are achieving what people thought they couldn’t do. He backed that up saying  he,  “likes that when people see the shoes they think ‘they’re more expensive than they are’ and they ‘can’t believe the technology that’s in the shoe at that price’.
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Nike Review Trainers are Multi Use

Ideal for changing into, after the game, the Nike Renew trainers won’t look out of place in the team recreation room or bar later or as part of your wardrobe on the way to the game; the comfort will be like walking on clouds after a hard team game. You’ll get a lot of use out of these durable eye pleasers, too.
Nike Renew Trainers Review
Nike Renew Trainers Review
Orange white and black look great as do the black, gray and dappled finish. I am not complaining about my red blue variants of these Nike Renew trainers – they were my first choice and were delivered within a week. I was surprised by the decent price too. It’s nice to see inflation isn’t out of control for one of the best line’s this brand has recently rolled out. ‘Renew and react’ is the tag line for these Nike trainers – say the designers. If you are thinking of renewing your training or running after a time out, buying these shoes would be a fantastic purchase as they are comfort personified and will help you react with speed and agility in every stride, twist and turn.


  • Latest Nike technology makes them very comfortable
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Look the real deal


  • um, er…
You can buy them on Amazon for great value for money here

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