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8 Best Field Hockey Sticks For Kids Under 13 [Updated 2021]

Tired of your kids staying indoors? Why not get them into a sport that you know they’ll enjoy: field hockey.

Your child will love the fitness, mixing with peers and learning teamwork. Perhaps your child is bored of watching you play through a car window and wants to play the great game, instead of always being a spectator or a bearer of half-time fruit. Are they begging you for a stick that says independence, fun, and I’m cool?

Whatever the reason, you may feel a little reluctant or unsure about what kind of field hockey stick to get your child, especially if they’re on the smaller side or growing quickly. The wrong size can prevent the child from improving their skills of the game, or worse, risk a back injury.

No need to stress. Let’s find your child a hockey stick that will be fun yet also age-appropriate for them. Here I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best field hockey sticks for children under 13. This list provides an extensive review of several types of sticks that parents all-over have approved, with the nod from their kids.


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Warning: Kids should be taught to use a hockey stick responsibly as if used incorrectly hockey can be a dangerous sport.

Before we get into choosing models and brands you should consider if your child just needs a plaything that will make do for school sports classes a few times a month. Or will the stick be used regularly as a stepping stone to help improve the child’s all-round game?

It should be noted buying a hockey stick a few sizes too big with the expectation because the child will grow into it could hamper the child’s progress at learning to dribble and become skilled. A stick that’s too big will be harder to master.

I created this measurement guide that should help you decide which stick
is the right fit for your child.

Counting down the 8 Best Junior Field Hockey Sticks

Starting with beginner sticks, through to the more advanced options for the super competitive up and coming players.

Entry-level options for the younger kids

The Grays Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick is one of the best low-budget sticks on the market. Available from a tiny 26″ up to adult sizes, this stick is perfect for the little ones who are just starting out. 

The prominent features are

  • Crafted from wood, then strengthened with fibreglass-reinforced mulberry wood
  • Designed to be thin and lightweight
  • Maxi head with a hook toe to give maximum hitting surface area. Great for reverse stick control and drag flicks.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Go for a complete beginners package

This choice is as easy one, as the whole kit is chosen for you. Being a complete plug and play option, this saves you time, and more importantly, money by getting everything you need for your junior hockey player in one click.

The stick itself, I like. It has a flatter bow to help master your trapping, while being suitable for most aspects of the game. The fibreglass construction keeps it lightweight, tough and durable.

There is a slim handle for smaller hands. A maxi toe, the most widely used toe
shape for forwards and midfielders is good for practising dribbling.

The larger hitting surface works without reducing agility, making flicking, receiving, and reverse play easier and more comfortable, especially for newer players.

This STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter Pack is suitable for younger kids up to about 8 years old, as the choice of stick lengths are from 28″ to 32″. Included in the set is –

By purchasing this as a complete kit, you’ll save about 30% off the price of buying each item individually.
Or for kids over 8 years old

For older kids, aged 8 and older, this STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack is essentially the same package, but with stick length choices from 34″ to 36″.

This mid bow stick is designed for quick, ‘multidirectional’ movement under defensive pressure, with many reviews saying it’s ideal for midfielders. I found it neat for trapping and tidy at passing. Its mid bow shape makes it a good all-rounder, useful for beginners too. This higher than entry-level stick makes it popular with kids who want to do more than store it in the cupboard with the never-to-be-seen again dusty violin and Judo suit.

Its 95 % fibreglass composite structure makes the stick light and durable while in true Adidas style the striking design will make your child feel like the cat with the cream.

* Only available in the UK and parts of the EU*

The Harrow Supreme 15 is the stick you’d first introduce your 10-12 year old into a composite, with this model being 15% Carbon. The relatively straight bow is ideal for the beginner to hone their skills for an all-round game. Learning to keep the ball under control is the first step for beginners and this stick I found to be ideal for easier trapping.  It has more power than the base models, being fully composite.

The maximum surface area will be ideal for getting to grips with hitting and passing, while the lightweight design makes it nice and light to carry and use during the entire game for a newbie.

* Currently only available in the US, Asia and NZ *

The Byte TS4 not only looks superb, but it also performs pretty well too. Whilst still a budget stick, it’s lightweight due to being 95% fiberglass, yet strong thanks to a 5% Carbon component. Adding to that is the Twin Tube system to ensure strength. 

With a 24mm low bow, this stick is great for drag-flicking. Sizes available from 34″ through to 37.5″. Overall, a nice-looking, great value stick.

The Aussies have a great reputation in field hockey, and the Mazon Fusion 700 stick is no exception. This offering from down under comes with a maxi hook,
ideal for the learner to enhance their trapping skills. A built-in anti-vibration system reduces vibrations, setting it apart from the entry-level wooden sticks.

Lower carbon content at 10% allows for a softer touch and feel.
Like the Adidas stick it has a straighter shape which helps make it a great choice for girl’s or boy’s clubs, or school hockey. A great value for money the stick swings into the number 3 position.

* Currently only available in the US, Asia and NZ *

The STX HPR 101 is another good option at around the same price point as the previous few. Constructed with 10% Carbon, combined with a balanced bow, this stick has a forgiving feel for new players. 

Featuring a maxi head, the HPR 101 is a good all-rounder allowing players the versatility of playing in any position. Sizes range from 34″ through to 37″ and it comes in the crisp black and yellow scheme.

Saving the best for last is the GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick. A solid Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass construction makes the GX1000 lightweight and durable.

Not for the easy come, easy go player, this stick is for the child with aspirations of playing at a higher level, and for parents who don’t mind investing more in their kids sporting life. Although some may say it’s too expensive, others look at it as an investment in their child’s competitive edge.

The composite allows the stick to not only be lightweight but excel at collecting the ball and absorbing impact, while being stiff enough for superior hitting power.

Sizing is available from a tiny 28″ through to an adult sized 37.5″.


*Limited Olympic Editions*

This GRAYS Custom Edition SAKURA hockey stick is inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan. Designed and released in time for the (delayed) 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Introduced in the GX range, this Ultrabow stick is a decent combination of power and control. Ideally suited to a new player who wants to distract the opposition with their strikingly beautiful stick!

Also available in this ASAHI theme, these sticks are based on the GRAYS GX1000 profile, which you can read more about above>>


It can seem confusing when faced with buying a hockey stick for your kids. I hope my article has helped find some of the best field hockey sticks for children in the market. Be sure to double-check what size stick you are ordering before you purchase!

For adult-sized sticks, check out my detailed article on the best field hockey sticks on the market for 2021.

For some more advanced hockey stick options, I’ve compiled a list here of the best field hockey sticks for youths.

Happy hockey stick hunting!

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