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The Ultimate Field Hockey Directory

While here at Hockey Hooked we try to cover everything Field Hockey related, there are so many other great resources out there to find everything you need to know. So we have created the Ultimate Field Hockey Directory to collate all of the useful Field Hockey links onto the one page. 

The Home of Field Hockey - FIH

FIH Field Hockey Federation

International Hockey Federation - FIH

FIH is the home of Field Hockey. Their website is a great starting point when looking to learn more about the International Hockey scene.

How to watch Field Hockey online?

Watch FIH Pro League Free

Watch Hockey

Launched recently, the Watch Hockey app is a fantastic way to stream Field Hockey online. Free to use, you won't find a better way to watch Field Hockey!

Worldwide Field Hockey Federations

Field Hockey Federations GB

Great Britain Hockey

Recently renovated, the Great Britain Hockey website is fantastic. Featuring latest news, player profiles and FIH Hockey Pro League information.

Field Hockey Federations USA

USA Field Hockey

Offering a very similar website to Great Britain Hockey, you can find some great information here all about Field Hockey in the USA.

Field Hockey Federations Hockey Australia

Hockey Australia

The Hockey Australia website is where to go to find everything about Australian Field Hockey. Featuring more than just the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras team info, you can find information on all of the leagues that run in Australia.

Hockey New Zealand

The Kiwis have a nice little site providing information about the happenings of Field Hockey in New Zealand.

Field Hockey Canada

Field Hockey Canada

Your go-to site for official Field Hockey news, resources, programs and coaching material in Canada.

Field Hockey Germany

Hockey Germany

This site has quite extensive information about Field Hockey in Germany. However, the site is in German.

Field Hockey Federation India

Hockey India

Hockey India have quite a nice website. Full of useful information about the Indian Hockey teams, plus much more.

Pakistan Hockey Federation

Pakistan Hockey Federation

Quite a large site, mainly consisting of Field Hockey news and events happening in the Pakistan Hockey scene.

Malaysian Hockey Confederation

Malaysian Hockey Federation

A great reference for Field Hockey in Malaysia, however, it's most written in Malay.

Asia Hockey Federation

Asia Hockey Federation

A website that represents 31 Countries covering all of Asia and the Middle East. A great site that's kept up-to-date.

Handy Field Hockey Youtube Channels

There are some excellent Field Hockey channels on Youtube now. Here are a few of my favorite hockey channels for 2021.

Olympic Field Hockey In Tokyo

Rapidly approaching, the (delayed) 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo look to be finally going ahead. Keep up-to-date with the game schedules here –

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – Field Hockey

Scroll through our Forum here at Hockey Hooked for the latest chat on the Olympics.

Send your suggestions to add to our Ultimate Field Hockey Directory in the comments below.