STX XT 901 Hockey Stick Review

STX XT 901 Hockey Stick Review

The STX XT 901 (also available as the Surgeon) is an extreme low bow design, ideal for advanced players who like to perform 3-D skills. The  XT 901 looks like the Porsche of hockey sticks with its curved lines and smooth, shiny, gray finish.

The tapered heel and toe enhances close and nimble control work such as dribbling and jink steals. Have a read all about jink steals here. The superior close control is helped, too, by the textured grip on the toe. This is an elite stick design which will take a forward’s game up a percent.

Feel and Comfort

STX claims the stick is built with Flex technology, but doesn’t go into fine details. Flex technology we’re told allows give when trapping, so the ball doesn’t spin off haphazardly on contact. It also is said to give a soft touch on the ball when shooting or passing. The stick certainly doesn’t feel too hard when striking with power.

The soft feel when hitting a strong shot or pass is also helped by the comfortable handle. The tacky grip is not too hard or too soft, and won’t slip through your fingers when striking the ball. STX has also created Countervail Vibration Technology to dampen vibration throughout the hockey stick. Comfort is a feature STX is highly focussed on.

The thin precision toe is designed to assist play from the left side of the body.  Tomahawks are a breeze with to perform with this design compared with lesser hockey sticks. The hook can be flipped back and forth quickly, with ease.

The composite of the STX flagship stick contains fiberglass, aramid and carbon, which is STX’s go to composite for their top sticks.

Extreme Low Bow Benefits

The extreme low bow shape is ideal for drag flicking. When the fast corner ball is delivered a player needs a stick great for trapping and flicking at extreme speed towards goal. The XT 901 delivers handsomely and can strike with great power. The design of the hook enhances the precision of the shot.

With the XT 901 being the preferred hockey stick of Dutch international, Olympian, Jeroen Hertzberger, you are in good company if you opt for this thoroughbred.

Hockey Stick Size Guide

When buying a hockey stick it’s important not to buy a stick that’s too short, or you’ll find yourself crouching over the stick and in discomfort. That said, try not to buy a stick that’s too long as you could end up scuffing the toe when shooting, and it will hinder your dribbling skills. We have this guide for you…


The STX XT 901 is an elite players hockey stick. More designed with the offensive player in mind.
3-D skills and drag flicks can be executed more easily with the XT901. Comfort is a key feature of the XT 901 so you won’t finish a game with sore palms.

Whether the stick has the durability and strength of graphene sticks is questionable, though this is an elite player’s stick for sure. You’ll find there’s quite a difference in price depending on the size of the stick.

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