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Reviews of the STX Field Hockey Stick Range 2021

STX has 2 field hockey sticks in the top 5 best-selling sticks on the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon. Testimonials come no better than the ‘Drag Flicker king’, Sandeep Singh. The maestro was an owner of an STX low bow stick and as he still claims the world record speed of a drag flick at 145 km per hour.

STX has a selection of sticks for all types of skill levels and most tastes. Beginner’s sticks are designed to help with learning basic skills while advanced sticks may be nimble, with a mini toe and a low bow to help with aerials and drag flicking. An advanced defender may like a heavier stick with a flatter bow, a larger maxi hook that will generate more power and be easier to block with.

Hockey stick choice is personal and mostly depends on what feels the most comfortable to you. You will want to consider which skills are most vital to your game and performance and find a stick that enhances your playing style or you may want more of a compromise of features giving you a good all-rounder.


The composition of your new stick varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. STX saves its 90% carbon composites for more advanced players who have grasped handling techniques. That is because the carbon is more hard-hitting than fiberglass, carbon is also stiffer which causes more deflection when receiving passes and requires more control. Cheaper fiberglass sticks will afford the beginner more control with less power. In STX field hockey sticks you will find 0-30% carbon used in beginner sticks, 30-60% for intermediate sticks and advanced sticks will have 90% carbon.


Stick weight is your personal choice. However, there are good reasons why many defenders go for heavier hockey sticks and attackers often prefer lighter-weight sticks. Heavier sticks are over 560 grams and players sometimes feel they get the most power in the shot and in the tackle from heavier sticks. Very lightweight STX hockey sticks are designed to be under 540 grams. These types of sticks are designed with the advanced, nimble forward in mind. A more all-rounder, intermediate stick weighs between 540 grams and 560 grams.

Dutch National Team player, Jeroen Hertzberger is the all-time top scorer in the Euro Hockey League competition with 26 goals. He likes the Stallion 600. He said about his STX field hockey stick:

Bow and toe shape are really important stick features for ball control. As a striker I like a low bow shape
which helps create momentum for drag flicking and ball control and a maxi toe that has a larger receiving area for the ball. I love playing with the Stallion 600 because it gives me extreme power and strength on the pitch”



When it comes to bows, the STX Stallion 600, has a low bow, useful for creating momentum for drag flicks, and will be easier to get under the ball for better aerial skills. A bow located in the middle of the stick is very versatile and can be used for all positions. All sticks are made with a bow depth dimension between 19 and 24 millimeters. A standard bow is the straightest style and is easier to control than the more advanced bow shapes. You will find some forwards prefer this shaped bow because it’s easy to handle when maneuvering when in a tight spot between defenders. Others like the lowest bow for helping with 3 D skills.

When it comes to toe shape, the maxi is the most popular due to its largest surface area, though many forwards like the smaller midi for its nimbleness.

The STX Stallion HPR 701 is a great intermediate hockey stick that wouldn’t feel out of place in a top athlete’s grasp. 70 percent carbon composition offers a firm hit while allowing more flexibility in the take. The balanced bow offers more assuredness to the defender while giving the forward good control in upright, tight positions. Countervail Vibration technology assures a comfortable grip throughout your game and in every situation from hitting to defending.

  • Pros: balanced bow

The HPR 901 boasts an elite player design for the versatile player.

With its maxi head, balanced bow shape this stick could be enjoyed by a defender or a forward. The maxi head offers more consistency in the take and the shot while the balanced bow supports upright play. I could see either a forward or a defender happily using the HPR901.

STX is big on anti-vibration and the HPR 901 is comfortable with Countervail Vibration technology. A power core system in the toe is meant to add more power, and I can agree with that, though it also has a light toe feel with a thin design, which makes it feel nimble when slapping or hitting a ball.

The HPR 901 is a top-end 90 percent carbon stick.

STX Stallion HPR 901

The HPR 901 boasts an elite player design for the versatile player.

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