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Grays Best Graphene Field Hockey Sticks of 2022

Grays is one of the oldest and finest manufacturer’s in the sport of field hockey. The company was founded in Great Britain in the nineteenth century. H. J. Gray and Sons was founded in Cambridge by Henry John Gray, who started manufacturing wooden rackets for Cambridge students. King George V1 and King Edward V 11 famously used their sports equipment. In 1941 Grays merged with J.Hazell’s hockey sticks. Nowadays, technology has improved significantly with the introduction of graphene in stick production.

Today, Grays uses modern technology though still has a traditional factory in Cambridge. Still under the control of the Grays family, the company prides itself on innovation. This is vitally important to the brand, and to the many sporting stars that use their gear.

Wood and fiberglass seem to be relics of our past. Grays are the only hockey brand currently using graphene in their hockey sticks. The revolutionary material is seen as the super tough, flexible, and light material of the future by leaders of the industry. Are Grays on to something? According to billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, the answer is yes. He predicts graphene will be used to build airplanes and starships in the near future. He said:

“The material provides so much fascinating potential to improve the world around us.
It is super-light, immensely strong, transparent and flexible.

Grays International Brand Manager,  Hugo Youngman backs up Sir Richard’s sentiments:

Most of the male internationals would use a graphene stick because they are the most powerful we produce. Maximum power and performance is how we have earmarked that technology.

Let’s look at Grays 2022 Collection of Graphene sticks:

This top-of-the-range field hockey stick is very well designed. Offering a gentle sweeping curve along the length of the stick, the Grays GR10000 Dynabow profile is somewhere between a low bow and a mid bow, which is great for all-round play including 3 D skills. Its curve maintains the maximum height allowed under FIH regulations. The Pro Dampening Handle maintains its feel for great grip without losing control. Pro Edge Protection with an advanced formulation of graphene and impact-resistant materials and resin formulation,  improves the longevity of the backhand edge. While a textured feel area helps grip the ball.

Pro Dampening Handle: a lightweight high-performance foam is molded around the handle to efficiently dissipate shock waves. The micro head shape is great for 3 D skills and dribbling, while its blue finish looks great too!

I love the look of this burgundy GR7000 Ultrabow Composite hockey stick, though as players know, the main factor is the build quality. Firstly, the shape of the bow is straight which is great for attackers when they are in a tight spot in an advanced area. It’s also good for predictability issues when blocking a shot

A classic Ultrabow blade profile is ideal for developing core skills and striking the ball. Players will appreciate the durability that graphene affords. Strong and light, the Ultrabow has been precisely combined with the highly successful mix of power and control. This stick is favored by many International players, a testament to its quality.

The GR6000 Dynabow is somewhere between a low bow and a mid bow, making it a bit of an all rounder for juniors. While juniors will be able to enhance their 3D skills the stick is slightly more predictable in the tackle than the low bow, so is a great choice for defenders or midfielders. This shape, suitable for almost every position, other than the goalie, will allow the youth player to continue to develop apace.

Featuring –

  • A narrow handle which is a good grip for smaller hands
  • Graphene composite, the new wonder material making the stick durable, light, and strong
  • All-rounder stick, suitable for all positions
  • Micro head for better 3D skills

Graphene is exceptionally strong and light and has been precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology. For a stick containing graphene, it’s exceptionally well priced on Amazon. 

By combining graphene into the composite of hockey sticks, players will have all the durability and playability of GX technology, with extra power and dampening control from graphene. Sticks in the GR range offer excellent power and control while not letting players down on durability.

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  1. It still has a place on composite hockey sticks especially lower priced sticks. It’s lighter and stronger than wood and fiberglass.

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