Among the top 5 US colleges for field hockey are Stanford University, University of North Carolina, Princeton University, Yale University, and Duke University. However, some unique needs and concerns need more detailed information. Let’s dig a little deeper into the hockey pedigrees of those colleges.

Imagine what it would be studying for your degree while playing in the NCCA Division 1 championship. This must be part of your college experience, dream if you are an aspiring student-athlete. Field hockey is a popular sport worldwide and has seen immense popularity growth in colleges. To meet your academic and athletic goals, joining a highly rated college is recommended. The college should have proven academic prowess, world-class field hockey facilities, as well as top coaches.

1 Duke University

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina. It is a private research university which was founded in 1838 by Quakers and Methodists.

Duke boasts an excellent reputation as an academic powerhouse and research university. For several consecutive years, the university has performed well. Their graduation rate is 95%, and their program costs $55,960. They have been ranked 8 th in National Universities in the US News and World Report ranking. When it comes to value, they are ranked 13 th.

The university provides various aids to students. Over 50% of their students have received either athletic funding or merit aid.  This aid can be a huge boost, especially if you join as a field hockey athlete. Their athletics teams – “The Blue Devils” – belong to NCCA Division 1.

A ranking that shows the university’s athletic success is the 7 th ranking in the 2019 NACDA director’s cup. That’s right, their women field hockey team contributed 70 points only coming behind 3 of their other teams. The field hockey team plays in the Jack Katz Stadium (Williams Field).

The stadium has a powerful sound system, press box, bleachers, coach, and player facilities, LED lighting as well as LED scoreboards. As a field hockey athlete, you will be under the guidance of their great coaches who are ranked 2 nd in the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) rankings.

2 Princeton University

Princeton University, a research university that is part of the private Ivy league is located in Princeton, New Jersey (where else). It was started in early 1746. The university has been ranked as first or second among National universities since 2001 through to 2018. Correctly, the US News and World Report ranking put them in the first position in both national universities and value rankings. They have a 97% university graduation rate. 1969 was the first year when women were admitted as undergraduates which allowed the institution’s facilities, operations, and environment to be women-friendly, thus hockey came to the fore.

Their athletic programs are tailored for participants to unlock their abilities and become student-athletes who can further their careers as well as earn big after college. Their athletic teams are known as the Tigers and use orange and black as their primary colors. Their teams belong to the NCCA Division 1 Ivy League Conference. Their field hockey team became the first Ivy League team to win the NCCA championship in 2012.

Princeton Tigers field hockey team

In the Forbes 25 American Colleges 2016 field hockey ranking, they were ranked 3 rd. Their coaches are ranked 5 th in the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) rankings.

They had two female national Champions in 2018, a clear indication of the support and investment their female teams get. The best part? Their average programs come down from $47140 to $16203 after aid.

3 University of North Carolina

It is a public research university in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Out of the 17 campuses of North Carolina system, it is the flagship university. It offers more than 70-degree courses. Their average programs cost $22,078, and they have a 91% graduation rate. However, their admission process is very selective, with a requirement of over 82% in-state students; this is something you should consider.

Their athletic teams are called the Tar Heels, and they compete in the NCCA Division 1 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Their women field hockey team started competing in 1971 and has won 7 NCAA championships as of 2018. The team play in the 1000 seat Karen Shelton stadium which boasts facilities like a new playing surface, press box, LED scoreboard scorers box and LED sports lighting; The team building has a tea room, players ‘lounge, sports medicine space, locker room, coaches space as well as a team meeting space.

North Carolina

Their primary colors are Carolina blue and white. When it comes to the NCSA best field hockey rankings, they are 8th.

4 Stanford University

Stanford University is located in California. This private research university was started in the year 1885. It is an excellent university for those looking to be athletes and later work in the nearby Silicon Valley. In fact, it is the home of elite academics and excellent athletes. It is the 6 th in the national university according to thus News and World Report rankings. Their average program costs $51,354 and has a 94% graduation rate.

Stanford’s athletic program has 20 available female varsity sports. That’s four more than their male’s ports. Their teams are referred to as “Stanford Cardinals” and participate in the NCCA Division1. Stanford has one of the most successful athletic programs. How’s this for stats – they’ve won 123 team titles as well as 522 individual titles. The university won its 25 th Starlight Lear field IMG Sports Directors Cup in 2019. Moreover, their athletes have gone on to the world stage to win Olympic medals consecutively since 1912.

Their field hockey program is ranked 7 th in the NCSA best field hockey ranking. However, in the 2016 Forbes best colleges for field hockey they are 1 st

5 Yale University

Yale University is a private Ivy League university located in New Haven. It was started in 1701. It was ranked 3rd in the US News and World Report 2020 rankings. The main campus is located in downtown, New Haven while the athletic facilities are located in the West New Haven Campus. Their average program costs $53,430; with a 97% graduation rate.

The institution has tailored its athletic programs to make successful American athletes that can compete worldwide. Since the early 1900 s, the student’s culture turned from a business-like a mentality to looking for inspiration from athletic heroes. The change has helped in growing the athletic supporters and culture.

Their athletic teams –the Bulldogs– compete at the NCCA Division 1 level. The team uses world-class facilities in the universities such as the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, which is the 2 nd largest indoor athletic complex, and the Yale Bowl stadium. They have an excellent hockey culture as they hosted the first college ice game. Yale University was ranked 6 th in the Forbes 25 American Colleges 2016 field hockey rankings. They are currently ranked 3 rd in the NCSA field hockey rankings.

The Take-Away

Given the above points, you can now make a well-informed decision on which college to join as a field hockey player. Keep in mind that your needs are unique, and should not only look at these institutions from a field hockey perspective. Now is the time to make it happen, don’t wait too long as these colleges prioritize young players.

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