Grays GX7000 review

Grays GX7000 Lowbow Hockey Stick Review

The GX7000 looks dangerous in it’s  livery of tiger, orange and black. Built in a low bow style which is preferred more for 3D skills and scooping the ball off the ground the Grays GX7000 is a serious stick. It’s design benefits of the low bow are primed for high technique skills such as drag flicks.

This is my own preferred stick which is great for shooting and it’s greater loft design is great for speedy control when drag flicking. Grays claim the GX7000 has an ‘energy reduction,’ handle that is designed to cut down vibrations on impact, improving players overall control, grip and comfort. I can tell you they are right.

The thermo-rubber sleeve does seem to cut out more vibrations than many other sticks I’ve tried recently, in it’s price range. The maxi toe that has become standard for 90% sticks used by field hockey players nowadays, is hard and stiff like the whole stick in general with its carbon and Aramid construction. The maxi has a bigger sweet spot than the midi despite not being as nimble. Many midfielders and defenders prefer the maxi for that reason.

Grays claims the stick is extra stiff and I can back that up. When you hit the ball at the right speed and and get the contact right it packs an awesomely powerful hit. The energy absorbing handle is designed to cut down on impact energy so you can defend well with it too, without the ball spinning off and leaving you with shaking finger bones.

Dribbling and reverse shots can be performed well as the stick feels light.

I enjoy the hardness of the high carbon stick which Grays claims is for the elite player. You don’t need to be an elite player to enjoy this stick: maybe an aspiring elite player.

Bow type: standard 20 mm Power rating: xtra stiff.

Grays GX 7000 Review

The GX7000 feels like an elite stick which most players can use.

At the elite level, manufacturers claim technology is fine tuned to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are claimed to be on the cutting edge of development. Elite sticks are evolving each year with the game. These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch and the GX7000 certainly does that.

To conclude: the GX7000 provides a great shot, offers great control for skills and absorbs impacts that would make lesser sticks shudder and vibrate. The extra firm shaft and toe generates great lift for the drag flick, push shot or scoop and will instill nerves into defenders and goalies. At less than $200, 165 GBP, 235 AUD here on Amazon – its an elite stick for an affordable price.

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