Adidas Kromaskin DF24 Review

Adidas Kromaskin DF24 Review

The Adidas Kromaskin DF24 is an elite field hockey stick and the flagship of the Adidas field hockey range. Perfectly ideal for the top-level defender, midfielder, or forward, its striking colors can be seen on many an international field of play.

Adidas has bestowed it with a mid bow so each position can utilize its more predictable shape. Its appearance is one of the most striking in the world of field hockey and looks great with their new hockey bags too. Of course, a stick needs to be more than skin deep so the designers at Adidas have used their great sporting experience in using carbon composite construction.

The esthetics are pushed hard by the Adidas marketing team that’s because not only do the sticks look
great, it’s the first time colorization has been infused into the carbon. Practically speaking it means you won’t have to worry about your Kromaskin stick paint chipping like more inferior sticks.

Kromaskin technology allows for more consistent hitting, a stronger more durable stick, and more responsive ball contact points due to ‘spread low technology’ taken from F1 racing. It uses tightly packed uniform fibres woven together creating a higher fibre content per area, increasing the durability and strength of the stick, as well as more consistent weight distribution.

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Adidas Field Hockey Stick: Kromaskin DB24

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A pre-molded epoxy core in the head produces superior layer compaction, according to Adidas, creating a more consistent head structure that improves consistency and response when passing and receiving the ball. The hook itself looks like a maxi – the most popular hook nowadays, found in 80% of sticks. They spin it as a ‘pure head’. Whatever you call it, it’s effective for its increased surface area and a centralized sweet spot for more area to trap the ball and more surface to hit the ball in a pass or shot at goal.

Adidas Kromaskin DF24 Review
Adidas Kromaskin DF24 Review

The ‘Trapezoid’ stick shape reduces the weight of the stick and enhances 3D skills. 95% carbon fibre content and mid bow;  elite-level players can use to their advantage on deflections and tip-ins.

Adidas DF24 Kromaskin Review
Adidas DF24 Kromaskin Review

Mid bow Hockey Sticks are medium curved bows that are good all-round shapes, helping to provide some lift. Good for defenders and attackers who like a more predictable stick in tight positions.

The handle is soft and won’t chap your fingers after a long, hard game. Adigrip tape combines traditional PU with a feel like chamois to offer a top-of-the-market softness.


The Kromaskin DF24 doesn’t come cheap but you’re sure to have a great experience playing with this orange firebrand. Hard in the hit and with good surface areas, this is a superior all-rounder for the versatile elite hockey player. Does it stand up to Grays graphite sticks in durability and strength?

Adidas Kromaskin DF24 Review
Chamois-like Handle

Maybe there are question marks there but it’s not noticeable as the lightweight stick can pack a punch. The handle is soft as can be but stiff enough so you have a firm grip in the tackle, when passing and in the shot. I like the mid bow shape which is becoming the recent go-to shape among elite players.

Pros: Great look, lightweight, mid bow, powerful.

Cons: Maybe not as strong as graphene

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