Hockey Australia statement 17 April 2020

As with many other sports, Hockey Australia is navigating a very uncertain and challenging period as a result of COVID-19. While the immediate future will involve ongoing adherence to maintaining social distancing and refraining from undertaking our normal way of life, it is our hope that we will be able to support the delivery of hockey before the end of 2020.

The key impact on hockey nationally and internationally includes the suspension of community and club hockey, the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games from 2020 to 2021, the cancellation of all National Hockey Championships and the suspension of the 2020 FIH Pro League.

As a result, the Board and Management of Hockey Australia have undertaken a series of steps to ensure that the business of Hockey Australia is preserved, while also ensuring as many of our staff are supported through this difficult period.

Hockey Australia have endeavored to carefully consider our operating base and scale back operations in line with changes within the hockey community and across the Australian economy.

Effective Monday 13 April 2020, Hockey Australia have scaled down our headquarters operations until further notice. Our workforce will be operating on reduced hours across the next period with all staff working from home.

Our daily high-performance training environment in Perth has now been closed with national squad players asked to return home until further notice.

Across the coming weeks, we will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders with a view to ensuring we are ready to resume full operations once we receive the all-clear. In the coming weeks, our small digital communications team will be endeavoring to reach out across our various channels to maintain interest and engagement in hockey by generating and sharing related content.

Our team will do their very best to be available to support the hockey community through this very difficult period so that when the time is right, we can re-engage at all levels.

For now, we encourage you to take the time to be with family and friends and stay safe.

All the best.

From the Board and Staff of Hockey Australia

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